What color options do you offer for your custom reclaimed wood furniture?

We offer six standard finish options, which you can view at the following link-check them out!


What is reclaimed wood?

Each piece we build is handcrafted using salvaged or reclaimed wood, unless the listing or custom      order specifies otherwise. Reclaimed or salvaged wood is defined broadly, but our definition is lumber that has been re-purposed (barn wood, for example) or “up-cycled” lumber that would other wise be chipped, burned, etc.

Any variation, distinction, knot, blemish or defect is acceptable and normal with reclaimed lumber. mineral staining, color changes and variations, species changes, weathering, discoloration and staining, surface blemishes, uneven surfaces, rough-sawn marks, cracking, nail holes, nails, screws, loose knots, tool marks, dents, thickness variations, splitting, and mixed grain patterns.


Do you use a topcoat on your pieces?

Yes, all of our pieces have several coats of a high-quality, clear waterproof finish. We offer both low VOC and standard solvent based finishes-please message us with special requests. The specific finish varies based on the piece, and our outdoor pieces are finished with a UV resistant topcoat for maximum resilience.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes! For AK and HI buyers, please contact us prior to purchase for a detailed shipping quote.


What is your lead time?

Our lead time varies, and we do offer expedited options, but our standard lead time is 6-9 weeks. We are a husband and wife team and each piece is made to order, by hand, one at a time.


Are your dimensions exact?

Due to the nature of reclaimed wood, each piece may have slight variations. We do our best to compensate for material differences, but dimensions may vary up to 1″ from the listed measurements. Please contact us if you have specific space requirements that require precise dimensions.


What is your disclaimer?

iReclaimed Co is not liable for any inconvenience, injury, displacement, loss or potential loss of income, or any other claims or damages apart from replacing the original item purchased in the same condition as it was originally shipped. This includes damages incurred from use, assembly or installation of items.

By purchasing items from our shop, you agree to the above waiver of liability.