About our products

Wood Finishes

Our standard finish is a zero-VOC, non-toxic and sustainable natural oil finish that is easy to maintain and food safe. It is a matte finish, doesn’t require a topcoat, and it is available in any of our 6 color options, as well as custom colors. We also offer a low-VOC clear satin finish with a conventional stain if requested.
Our outdoor pieces are finished with a UV-resistant natural oil for maximum resilience and easy maintenance.

What is reclaimed wood?

Each piece of furniture we build is handcrafted using salvaged or reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is defined broadly, but our definition is lumber that has been re-purposed (barn wood, etc) or salvaged, rescued from trees that fell due to natural causes or that had to be removed. This material would otherwise be discarded, but we and our local partners step in, cut and mill the logs, kiln dry the lumber and use it to create our products! We source our lumber from local sawmills and all of our wood is 100% sustainable.

How long does it take?

We are a husband and wife team and we build each piece by hand! We don’t carry an inventory and we source all of our materials locally from sustainable sources (or we salvage them ourselves!). Our lead time is typically 7-12 weeks depending on the season and our current projects, as well as the customization of your order. We truly appreciate your patience and support of our small business!

Customer Service

We want you to love your iReclaimed piece-if you don’t, contact us immediately and we will work to make sure you are satisfied. We have a 30 day return and full refund policy and we also offer replacements under certain circumstances. Just message us and we will take it from there!


Just a bunch of legal stuff. iReclaimed Co LLC is not liable for any inconvenience, injury, displacement, loss or potential loss of income, or any other claims or damages apart from replacing the original item purchased in the same condition as it was originally shipped. This includes damages incurred from use, assembly or installation of items.